École de Condé

École de Condé is one of the leaders in higher education in the fields of design, graphic arts and heritage. Founded in 1989, the school has 7 campuses (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nice, Nancy, Marseille and Toulouse). The school offers programs Product design, Interior design, Graphic design, Fashion design, Illustration, Photography and Animation in both Bachelors and Master degrees. 

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CEV, School of Communication, Image and Sound, is a private education center active since 1975. We are present in Madrid and Barcelona. With more than 40 years of educational experience,  CEV teaching programme is based on an eminently practical methodology in small groups of students.  Student can apply in the areas of Sound, Film, Television, Application Development, 3D Animation and Videogames, design and image and in official British degrees, masters own and professional courses. Our teaching staff, made up of active professionals in different areas and with extensive work experience is a key to support students, enhance their skills,  and develop their creativity.

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With around 1,400 students, HMKW is a school located in 3 campus: Berlin Cologne and Frankfurt are dedicated to design, video games, Journalism & communication, Psychology, Management and business studies and humanities.

In Berlin more particularly, all Masters are 100% in English and a bachelor in graphic design 100% in English will open this year, which will offer great prospects to our students.

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École Supérieure du Digital

ESD is a higher education establishment dedicated to digital strategies, innovation, communication and digital entrepreneurship. The school is a place when the design meet the business strategy, the marketing and the communication. Educational contents structured around reals projects give to students a know-how of conception and execution linked to professional needs. 

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École Supérieure du Parfum

École Supérieure du Parfum is one the rare institution in the world to offer an integrated program in creation and management in the perfume industry. The school has established closed relations with several companies and institutions in this sector and also collaborates with Université Pierre and Marie Curie Paris 15th in the field of analytical chemistry. Originally located in the center of Paris, a new campus has opened in 2018 in the south of France, in Grasse, the world capital of fragrances. 

For more information: École Supérieure du Parfum.


ECV - Creative Schools & Community

Created in 1984, ECV is one of the leading schools 

of Art & Design in France and has been working for more 

than 30 years to train and support creative talents of 

tomorrow. ECV is implanted on 5 cities: Paris, Bordeaux,  Nantes, Lille and Aix en Provence. Every year, it trains 

more than 2 500 students to Design (corporate design, interactive design, advertising), Animation (2D/3D and video 

game)  and offers the largest network of creative 

professionals in France. For more information: ECV.



In 1984, a group of renowned sound, image and teaching professionals came together to respond to an increasingly growing demand for audiovisual training and decided to form the Escuela Superior de Imagen Sonido CES.

Today in Spain, CES is the most recognized school by the audiovisual industry.
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Since 1985, EAC is a reference for higher education in the 

professions of culture, art market, cultural heritage and

luxury, which has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The school is above all a team of recognized professionals and experts in their fields, and a close educational support staff.

Inside AD Education network, the aim of the collaboration between École de Condé and EAC is to develop mutual programs in the field of patrimony. 
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ECV Digital

ECV Digital was developed in 2015 in order to fill the needs of every companies facing the digital revolution. L The market needs new skills and young professionals to help them build the future where digital is everywhere. Located in Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux and Aix-en-Provence, ECV Digital trains students in four expertises : webdesign, UX, webmarketing and programming.

For more information: ECV Digital. 

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Barreira A+D

The Barreira A + D college of design is located in Valencia, which is the third most important city in Spain, the European destination that welcomes the most Erasmus students.

With a history dating back to the fifties, the Official Center for Higher Studies Barreira A + D is one of the pioneering Spanish schools in artistic education.

For more information: Barreira A+D.



IAAD is the oldest automotive design school in Europe.

Created in the heart of automotive style in Turin, in 1978,

the school is today the first private university for the design training in Italy. It offers cursus programs in the fields of 

graphic design, product design, fashion design, space design

and mobility design. Its international Master programs 

welcome students from all around the world. Due to it 

success, the school opened in 2017 a new campus in Bologna. For more information: IAAD.


Accademia Italiana

Founded in 1984, the Accademia Italiana, with locations in Florence and Rome, is one of the most prestigious university-level institutions for fashion, design and photography.

Our classroom and laboratory experience is designed to give students real world contacts and real world, hands on, practical experience. Immersed in an international environment the students develop the capacity to confront the various cultures, enriching and widening their horizons, recognizing that in the future they will live in a global society, the only one possible in tomorrow's world, and it is into this reality that they will be able to make their own creative, professional and cultural contribution.

For more information: Accademia Italiana


École Supérieure de Publicité

Created by experts in marketing and communication in 1927, ESP opened when the « American advertising » arrives in France and wishes to stand out from the past. The school is the oldest communication school in France and its creation meet the needs to develop new essentials skills to accompany this revolution in those marketing practices. Today, ESP trains more than 650 students in the fields of communication, advertising, marketing, management in communication agencies, media agencies or announcers. 

For more information: École Supérieure de Publicité.

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Institut National de Gemmologie

Since 1967, Institut National de Gemmologie is recognized for its trainings in the field of gemmology. The trainings apply to amateurs, professionals and students who desire to work in finest jewellery, horology and luxury industry. The school offers professional trainings: a Title of gemologist, a degree « European gemologist » and a Bachelor « Expert-gemologist » in 3 years. Since ING has joined AD network, we are developing a new department in luxury gathering the fields of jewelry, perfume, art, fashion and design. For more information: Institut National de Gemmologie.