AD Education is an international network of institutes united around strong values, sharing the same ambition of creativity and innovation.

AD schools network offer higher education courses in fields with a high level of specialization in luxury, design, animation, video games, heritage, gemology, perfume, communication and digital.


We provide schools with the academic, managerial and material resources that give them the means to develop major academic projects in their respective fields of study. New institutions regularly join AD Education, which will quickly become the largest European network of arts, design, communication and digital schools.


Kevin Guenegan, AD Education President


Today, a career must be written and invented beyond the borders of one’s own country. With its high-level professional network and quality teams, AD Education offers a set of English, French and Italian language programs in design, fashion, luxury, culture and more.

Based in Paris (France) and Turin (Italy), these programs bring together students from all corners of the

globe, which promotes cultural and professional exchanges.