Today, a career must be written and invented beyond the borders of one’s own country. 

With 12 different schools based in France, Germany, Spain and Italy, our programs bring together students from all corners of the globe, which promotes cultural and professional exchanges. AD Education offers a set of English, French, Spanish, German and Italian language programs in design, fashion, luxury, culture and more.

- Study in English -



ECV Paris

Bachelor in Graphic Design

 MBA Design & Strategy

École de Condé Paris

Master in Fashion Design

IAAD Turin

Bachelor in Transportation Design

Master in Transportation Design

MBA in Innovation Design

MBA Interior Architecture for Business Habitat

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EAC Paris

Master in Art Market Management

Master in Cultural Management

MBA Luxury Brand Management


Major: Jewelry & Gemmology

(double diploma with ING)
Major: Perfume & Cosmetics

(double diploma with École supérieure du parfum)

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- Study in French -
Study in Italian

Two campus, in Turin and Bologne, welcome students from all over the world who want to discover the Italian Design. The courses integrate Italian language and culture of Italian design, refining the education plan of the Bachelors and Master Courses in Design and Graphic Arts (interior design, product design, fashion design and graphic design). For further information :


Study Abroad in France is for international students who wish to access a French-speaking programme. It allows them to take

the expected prerequisites in one year, before entering the school of their choice, all while improving their level of French.

At the end of the year, they are able to enter the higher education programmes of the AD network

First year in Paris

French courses - 500 hours

Specialized courses - 500 hours

Marketing, Design, Aménagement d'intérieur, Marché de l'art, Management,  Animation Game Design 

Cultural outings

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- Study in Italian -


 An integrated system offers students an education program of over 30 majors of study between Bachelors and Masters Degrees. A winning and well-established key strength is IAAD’s European-based academic training focused on synergies with the world of work - special lessons, projects, theses, internships, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Transportation Design 

Product Design

Digital Communication Design

Interior Design

Textile & fashion design 

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